Our Company

In the business of building Champions!

Liveco Boxing Inc. is an industry leading promotional firm focused exclusively on the sport of professional boxing. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve established ourselves as a premier player in the sport, providing ongoing opportunities for our stable of fighters, active fight schedules, and a “personal” approach to the art of promotion.

At Liveco Boxing, we proudly follow a “Fighter First” philosophy. We pledge to work with a small stable of fighters, get to know them and their team, and devote adequate time to each to successfully develop and aggressively promote their careers.

In addition to organizing and staging events to packed audiences across North America, our boxers receive assistance with their marketing efforts to help broaden their fan base and attract new fans to their fights.

Our commitment is to hold ourselves and our boxers to a higher standard. Our fighters’ success is our main priority. Thus, our primary focus is to run an honest and reputable promotional firm representing athletes with high moral character.

Who We Represent

Liveco fighters consist of established professionals, rising stars, and amateurs who are ready to turn pro. Beyond their athletic skills, we look for athletes who are willing to participate in the development of their own career and want the best results for them inside and outside of the ring.

As experienced promoters, we understand that fighters need to fight. We go beyond merely representing a roster of fighters. To ensure that our boxers get the most time in the ring against formidable opponents, we also produce a regular boxing series. Check our events calendar for upcoming fights and special events.