In the business of building champions

Founded in 2016 by long-time boxing promoter and live entertainment executive, Denis Benoit, Toronto-based Liveco Boxing Inc. is an industry-leading promotional firm focused exclusively on the sport of professional boxing.

Since its inception, Liveco has established itself as a premier player in the sport of boxing by providing ongoing opportunities to its stable of boxers, producing a regular series of events, and offering a “personal” approach to the art of promotion.

Liveco proudly follows a “Fighter First” philosophy and pledges to work with a small stable of boxers, build long-lasting relationships with them and their team, and devote adequate time to each to successfully develop and aggressively promote their careers.

Liveco’s commitment is to hold itself and its boxers to a higher standard, operate an honest and reputable promotional firm, and represent athletes with high moral character.

The success of their boxers is of paramount importance, and Liveco’s track-record proves so. Having promoted or co-promoted events in both the United States and Canada, Liveco boxers have competed at some of the most prestigious venues in the world; including, Madison Square Garden in New York City and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

Additionally, its boxers have achieved top-ten ranking status in multiple world ranking systems and have received prominent exposure on much major broadcast/streaming networks such as Showtime, ESPN, ESPN+, and Triller,