Liveco Boxing Denis Benoit

Liveco Boxing Enters Ring With A “Fighter First Philosophy”

Thousand Palms, CA — Liveco Boxing Inc. is proud to announce their entry into the world of professional boxing. Founded by long-time boxing promoter Denis Benoit and Ron Sanderson, the company brings a fresh approach to the industry.

Denis Benoit, who has more than a decade of experience in promoting, says “I grew tired of seeing the sport I love turn ultra-corporate without any personal attention given to the athletes. We have an opportunity to build a new kind of promotion company – one that puts the best interests of the fighters first.”

That “Fighter First” philosophy is how Liveco plans on attracting talent. This means taking the time to understand the career and personal goals of each boxer and their manager; thus, creating circumstances so they are in the best situation prior to a fight, freeing them to excel in the ring. It also means providing extra support in developing and growing a fan base.

Representing experienced professionals and rising stars, Liveco abides by higher ethical standards. “Our vision is to run an honest and reputable promotional firm representing athletes with strong moral character and similar values,” Benoit says.

Benoit believes there are modern and better ways to promote. “Whether it’s using social media to build a boxer’s brand or supporting their lives outside the ring, we are part of their team. When we put our fighters first, and profit second, they can focus on winning. When they win, we all win.”

Fighters or managers interested in working with Liveco Boxing can reach out via email to or visit to learn more.